Three Tips to Help Prevent Work-From-Home Neck and Back Pain

We have all heard by now how important it is to break up the time we spend in sitting, but many of us have trouble putting this habit into practice. With the multitude of health risks associated with prolonged sitting including increased risk for type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, various cancers, and increased mortality rates […]

Two Reasons Pilates May be the Ideal Tool to Treat Your Neck or Back Pain

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Back, shoulder and neck pain due to poor posture are extremely common right now with work from home situations being the norm. Pilates-based exercise can help immensely in the treatment of these postural issues. Read on for two reasons Pilates reformer exercises can be key to improving body awareness and treating posture-related pain. 1. Our […]

5 Ergonomic Tips To Improve Your Day At Your Desk

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You’ve likely heard the ‘new adage’ that sitting is the new smoking. While this important topic could fill another blog post entirely, it is important to realize that many occupations and past-times require a person to sit. Technology has changed the way we work so significantly that we spend more time sitting than ever before. […]