Five Ideas to Get Your Endorphin Fix in the Winter in Vancouver.

For many of us in Vancouver, the winter can seem very long. With the added stress of the pandemic over the past two winters, having strategies to induce the release of endorphins can make a huge difference in our mental health and well-being. Endorphins are the body’s feel-good chemicals that promote feelings of pleasure and […]

Is my tight muscle the source of my pain?

Let’s talk about tightness and pain Why does that muscle feel tight? Is that what is causing my pain? In the field of Registered Massage Therapy these question get asked a lot. While tightness may sometimes be a response to a very specific problem, such as acute injury in muscle strains or ligament sprains, the […]

Three Benefits of Post-Race Massage Therapy for Runners

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Running season is here and there are many races on the horizon for our local running community. One of the main mistakes we see runners make is not seeking post-race care at the optimal time following a longer distance running race. Unfortunately, this can result in suboptimal performance when they return to training or, even […]

Why Alaia Physiotherapy? – The story behind our name, values and community.

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It’s our one-year anniversary and what better time to answer the question we get so often: Why Alaia Physiotherapy? As one physician recently said to me: “It’s so hard to spell and say! I can never remember it.” (We had some referral pads made just for him). And yes, if there were visions of growing […]