Five Ideas to Get Your Endorphin Fix in the Winter in Vancouver.

For many of us in Vancouver, the winter can seem very long. With the added stress of the pandemic over the past two winters, having strategies to induce the release of endorphins can make a huge difference in our mental health and well-being. Endorphins are the body’s feel-good chemicals that promote feelings of pleasure and […]

Two Reasons Pilates May be the Ideal Tool to Treat Your Neck or Back Pain

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Back, shoulder and neck pain due to poor posture are extremely common right now with work from home situations being the norm. Pilates-based exercise can help immensely in the treatment of these postural issues. Read on for two reasons Pilates reformer exercises can be key to improving body awareness and treating posture-related pain. 1. Our […]

Exercise #2: Pilates-based Strengthening Exercises for Runners.

Pilates strengthening exercises runners

Week Two Pilates-Based Home Exercise for Runners: Leg Lowers with Resistance Though rehabilitation for runners often focuses on gluteal activation, many of the runners I see in the clinic also have poor abdominal strength. This can result in being unable to support the lower back during longer runs, leading to stiffness and achiness in the […]

Exercise #1: Pilates-based Strengthening Exercises for Runners.

Pilates Strengthening Exercises Runners

Week One Pilates-based Home Exercise for Runners: Skater With running being a linear and repetitive sport, we runners tend not to use our gluteal/buttock muscles which gets us into trouble when training for longer distances that fatigue these muscles and compromise hip, pelvic and lumbar stability. Skater is a great Pilates exercise that combines a […]

Rehabilitative Pilates to Target the Muscles That Tend to Get Weak in Distance Runners

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For many Vancouver-ites, the new year brings ambitious running goals including longer races such as the marathon and half-marathon. It’s really no wonder so many people love running: It’s low barrier to start, great cardiovascular benefits and ample opportunity for race participation in the Pacific Northwest make it an ideal fitness choice.  However, it is […]