Two Reasons Pilates May be the Ideal Tool to Treat Your Neck or Back Pain

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Back, shoulder and neck pain due to poor posture are extremely common right now with work from home situations being the norm. Pilates-based exercise can help immensely in the treatment of these postural issues. Read on for two reasons Pilates reformer exercises can be key to improving body awareness and treating posture-related pain. 1. Our […]

Exercise #2: Pilates-based Strengthening Exercises for Runners.

Pilates strengthening exercises runners

Week Two Pilates-Based Home Exercise for Runners: Leg Lowers with Resistance Though rehabilitation for runners often focuses on gluteal activation, many of the runners I see in the clinic also have poor abdominal strength. This can result in being unable to support the lower back during longer runs, leading to stiffness and achiness in the […]

Exercise #1: Pilates-based Strengthening Exercises for Runners.

Pilates Strengthening Exercises Runners

Week One Pilates-based Home Exercise for Runners: Skater With running being a linear and repetitive sport, we runners tend not to use our gluteal/buttock muscles which gets us into trouble when training for longer distances that fatigue these muscles and compromise hip, pelvic and lumbar stability. Skater is a great Pilates exercise that combines a […]

Rehabilitative Pilates to Target the Muscles That Tend to Get Weak in Distance Runners

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For many Vancouver-ites, the new year brings ambitious running goals including longer races such as the marathon and half-marathon. It’s really no wonder so many people love running: It’s low barrier to start, great cardiovascular benefits and ample opportunity for race participation in the Pacific Northwest make it an ideal fitness choice.  However, it is […]