Three Tips for Beginner Runners to Keep Your Running Injury-Free in 2021.

With social distancing remaining an important aspect of keeping ourselves and our communities safe during this start of 2021, exercise and time outside remain one of the key pieces of survival of this pandemic period. There may be no better time to take up running, undoubtedly one of the best social distancing sports there is! […]

Three Benefits of Post-Race Massage Therapy for Runners

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Running season is here and there are many races on the horizon for our local running community. One of the main mistakes we see runners make is not seeking post-race care at the optimal time following a longer distance running race. Unfortunately, this can result in suboptimal performance when they return to training or, even […]

Minimizing Risk of Running Injuries Blog Series #3: Extrinsic Factors.

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The third cause of running injury is environmental(extrinsic) factors. These factors can include: Surfaces you train on (trails, sand, road, track), Running shoes Weather And many more… We may not always have influence over this third category because it is related to the environment.  Footwear is one factor that we do have control and choice […]

Minimizing Risk of Running Injuries #1: Training Errors.

Risk of Running Injuries Physiotherapy

The main cause of running injuries is: Training errors (inadequate load management). The human body is incredibly good at adapting to load! However, you have to make sure to progressively increase the capacity to sustain higher load. Indeed, if the load exceeds the body’s capacity to sustain that load, the likely result will be pain […]

Exercise #3: Pilates-based Strengthening for Runners.

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It’s the final week of our January Blog Series – Pilates-based strengthening for runners…and I’ve saved one of me favourites for last: the side-lying leg press. This exercise challenges the ability to maintain neutral through the spine both in the side lines as well as the anterior(front)-posterior(back) line while working the gluteals.

Exercise #2: Pilates-based Strengthening Exercises for Runners.

Pilates strengthening exercises runners

Week Two Pilates-Based Home Exercise for Runners: Leg Lowers with Resistance Though rehabilitation for runners often focuses on gluteal activation, many of the runners I see in the clinic also have poor abdominal strength. This can result in being unable to support the lower back during longer runs, leading to stiffness and achiness in the […]

Exercise #1: Pilates-based Strengthening Exercises for Runners.

Pilates Strengthening Exercises Runners

Week One Pilates-based Home Exercise for Runners: Skater With running being a linear and repetitive sport, we runners tend not to use our gluteal/buttock muscles which gets us into trouble when training for longer distances that fatigue these muscles and compromise hip, pelvic and lumbar stability. Skater is a great Pilates exercise that combines a […]

Rehabilitative Pilates to Target the Muscles That Tend to Get Weak in Distance Runners

Rehabilitative Pilates runners Exercise

For many Vancouver-ites, the new year brings ambitious running goals including longer races such as the marathon and half-marathon. It’s really no wonder so many people love running: It’s low barrier to start, great cardiovascular benefits and ample opportunity for race participation in the Pacific Northwest make it an ideal fitness choice.  However, it is […]