Stop Demonizing the Deadlift – 6 Physio Tips to Keep You Strong and Safe

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Deadlifts are a commonly feared exercise for those suffering with back pain, but lifting objects off the floor is something we all do every day. Avoiding this natural human movement is not the answer to back pain. Instead, we should be training it. Let’s try to change the narrative from ‘I avoid deadlifts because of […]

Four Tips to Keep Your Home Workout Routine On Track

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During these unprecedented times, many of us have had to adapt our exercise routine and, as a result, as therapists we have seen a rise in the number of people coming to see us in the clinic for home workout related injuries. If you are planning to start or continue with a home exercise program, […]

Three Tips for Beginner Runners to Keep Your Running Injury-Free in 2021.

With social distancing remaining an important aspect of keeping ourselves and our communities safe during this start of 2021, exercise and time outside remain one of the key pieces of survival of this pandemic period. There may be no better time to take up running, undoubtedly one of the best social distancing sports there is! […]

Three Tips for Minimizing Risk of Knee Injury This Ski Season

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Ski season is already upon us, thank goodness! Want to avoid seeing a Physiotherapist this season for a ski-related knee injury? Of course you do! Read on for three key tips to keep you on the slopes this season and out of the clinic. Tip #1: Stop skiing BEFORE you feel tired. This is key […]

Wait and See or Seek Treatment: Knowing the Right Time to See a Physiotherapist.

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Time heals everything, right? Unfortunately, not always. Knowing the right time to seek physiotherapy treatment for an injury can be one of the most important factors in the likelihood of a full recovery. As physiotherapists, the clients we see who require the most sessions and have worse outcomes in the long term are those who […]

3 Easy Exercises to Prevent Knee Injury This Ski Season

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The Stats: It is estimated that each year more than half a million people injure themselves on the slopes. Knee injuries make up more than 1/3 of these and are twice as common in women, making them the number one reported injury on the mountain (3).  Often these injuries happen at the beginning of the season […]

Your Fittest Year Yet– Key Advice For Succeeding In Your Fitness Goals

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We are a couple of weeks into the new year, which is a great time to check back in on your intentions for the year ahead. One of our key roles as therapists is helping our clients plan for getting back into fitness and sport safely and successfully meet their goals. Unfortunately, we are also […]

Six Exercises to Keep You Injury-Free for Ski Season

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As the leaves begin to change colour and the long days of summer are behind us; it’s time to start looking forward to the upcoming ski season. Skiing is a great activity that allows you to get outside and take advantage of what the West Coast has to offer. However, without the proper preparation, your […]