We offer a range of services through our expertly trained Physiotherapy and Registered Massage team. Select a service above or from a card below to learn more.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a system of specific exercises with the intention of facilitating increased control of the core stability muscles as well as improving overall body

Running Assessment

Changing your running technique and style can contribute to less injuries in the long term and may be especially helpful for runners who have recurrent

RMT Services

Meet our Yaletown massage therapy team. With a focus on therapeutic treatment style, our registered massage therapists combine a wide variety of massage therapy techniques

IMS Services

IMS is a dry needling technique that involves a thin acupuncture needle being inserted into chronically tight muscles to create a reflex release of that

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Do you suffer from balance issues? Dizziness?Or vertigo related to Vestibular dysfunction? Treatment with a Physiotherapist trained in Vestibular rehabilitation may be able to help.


Physiotherapists are university-educated body and injury-rehabilitation specialists. All of our physiotherapists have completed advanced training in orthopaedic manual therapy and incorporate both hands-on therapy with