Professional Bike Fit – Physiotherapy

Cycling often features periods of prolonged positions which can potentially stress your neck, wrists, low back, knees, and ankles. If you have a bike that is improperly fit, the development of uncomfortable symptoms in these areas that impact your ability to cycle can be common and lead to injuries that may be preventable.

A bike fit with a physiotherapist trained in bike fitting can address these concerns by optimizing your posture and riding mechanics and mitigate these risks.

A bike fit session at Alaia includes a full body assessment, an on-bike assessment, exercise prescription (if needed), and a fitting summary.

What does a bike fit session at Alaia look like?

Step 1:

Come to your session with your bike and specific bike clothing (cleats, shorts, form-fitting jersey (preferably).

Step 2:

Have a conversation with your physiotherapist about your concerns, goals, injury history and go through a thorough physical assessment with your physiotherapist.

Step 3:

Get on your bike and go through several measurements and tasks while your physiotherapist assesses your riding posture and mechanics. Adjustments will be made in conjunction with how these changes feel and alter your riding mechanics

Final step:

Pedal away! Go out for some rides and see how the changes feel.

*Keep in mind that the bike fitting process may need readjustment or subsequent fits if changes are not well tolerated.

Questions about our Bike Fit services?
Please email us at or call the clinic at 604-812-4286.

Bike Fit FAQ

Yes, you are getting an assessment and treatment by a physiotherapist as one of the treatment tools we offer to help manage and treat injuries. Most private insurers with cover these under “Physiotherapy services.”
At Alaia, we fit road, gravel, commuter and touring bike. We do not currently fit mountain bikes.
Bring your bike, cycling clothing, cleats (if using). Our bike fit sessions are 120 minutes in length.