Running Assessment Vancouver

Changing your running technique and style can contribute to less injuries in the long term and may be especially helpful for runners who have recurrent injuries that have not resolved with treatment.
Shorter assessments of running style on our treadmill can be included as part of your regular physiotherapy appointment, however for clients looking for a more comprehensive running assessment, we also offer a 60 minute analysis.

The more in-depth 60 minute running assessments involve video analysis, including specific advice and exercises to improve your performance and keep you running injury-free, and are open to new clients to the clinic or current clients looking for written recommendations and video analysis with shoes both on and off.

Comprehensive Running Assessment 60-minute Sessions include:

Our physiotherapists offering comprehensive running assessments are Sam Bellhouse and Katrina Sovio.

Questions about our Running Assessment services?
Please email us at or call the clinic at 604-812-4286.