Education and
Advanced Training

Bachelor’s of Science – Physiotherapy. University of Saskatchewan 2006.

Level 3 Advanced Manual Therapy Orthopaedic Division – Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

AN-IMS/Dry Needling Certification.

Reformer 1 Course – Pacific Northwest Pilates, Portland, Oregon.



Registered Physiotherapist


Peter Kosheluk holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Saskatchewan, which he completed in 2006. Since then, he has focused on musculoskeletal physiotherapy, working with individuals across the age spectrum who are experiencing pain or dysfunction. He has completed post-graduate training in advanced manual therapy and holds certifications from both Canadian and Australian programs, movement analysis and training, IMS/dry needling, and male pelvic health. 

His treatment philosophy is one of collaboration with a focus on helping individuals determine the source of their complaint, so that they can actively work to eliminate or alleviate it, in order to function at their greatest potential. He is a firm believer that prevention of re-injury and active management are vital components of any rehabilitation program. As such, he incorporates a thorough assessment of the problem at hand, education regarding such with advice on relevant lifestyle and activity modifications. Hi approach integrates exercise prescription, manual therapy (joint mobilizations & manipulations, soft tissue mobilization, nerve mobilization) and dry needling as dictated by each client’s injury and their goals for recovery. 

Peter believes that a holistic approach to recovery is the most beneficial and effective strategy and also appreciates opportunities to work in collaboration with other care providers. A team approach works best!

With an interest in history, Peter enjoys the opportunity to travel and the experiences it provides from both a cultural and nature perspective. Having lived in the Middle East for 11 years satisfied this interest yet simultaneously whet his appetite for more, but when practicality wins out over wanderlust, he appreciates the outdoors locally (especially steep hikes up big mountains), enjoys new dining experiences, live music, and starting one-way conversations with random dogs on the street.