Education and
Advanced Training

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology – BKin
  • Masters of Physiotherapy – MPT
  • Advanced Vestibular Rehab Certification
  • Certification in IMS/Dry Needling through Acupuncture Canada – ACCDN
  • Orthopaedic Division Level 2 Upper Quadrant Advanced Manual Therapy


BKin, MPT, IMS/Dry needling, Vestibular Rehabilitation Trained

Registered Physiotherapist / Assistant Clinic Director


Troy graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Master of Physiotherapy, underpinned by a Bachelor of Kinesiology. He has worked with a wide range of acute and chronic injuries and conditions through his career in both public and private practice.

Sustaining multiple sport related injuries himself throughout his youth playing sports such as ice hockey, swimming, and martial arts, Troy found Physiotherapy to play a pivotal role in improving his own quality of life. Past personal experience combined with a passion for helping people get back to doing what they love is what inspired him to pursue Physiotherapy. 

Supplementing his practice, Troy is certified in IMS/Dry needling through Acupuncture Canada as well as a level 2 certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation. He is also currently working towards completing his advanced orthopaedic levels through the Canadian Orthopaedic Division as he believes the integration of skilled hands-on manual therapy to be an essential element in helping his clients reach their rehab goals.

Troy’s sessions incorporate a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment with goal setting specific to his client’s needs. He combines manual therapy and IMS/dry needling with functional movement retraining and specific therapeutic exercise to address weakness and inefficient movement patterns.

When Troy isn’t at the clinic he can be found pursuing his passion for martial arts, or taking advantage of all that the outdoors has to offer. Growing up in a small coastal town on Vancouver Island, Troy is always up for a camping, fishing or hiking adventure.