Three Tips for Minimizing Risk of Knee Injury This Ski Season

Ski season is already upon us, thank goodness!

Want to avoid seeing a Physiotherapist this season for a ski-related knee injury? Of course you do!

Read on for three key tips to keep you on the slopes this season and out of the clinic.

Tip #1:

Stop skiing BEFORE you feel tired.

This is key and also one of the hardest pieces of advice to follow.

“Want to do just one more?”  You know you are tired, you know its early season AND you have this inner whisper that tells you it might be time to call it a day…but your ski buddy wants to get one more run in.

Honestly, the statistics back up that this is when most injuries occur and this is also what we see in the clinic as Physiotherapists.

Do your body a favour and bow out a little early if you are feeling tired. You can save that one last run for later in the season when your endurance and strength have caught up to your enthusiasm. It doesn’t make you a wimp, it makes you wise.

Tip #2:

Keep some level of cross-training going during the week to maintain your core and hip strength and work on your balance/proprioception.

It’s a classic pattern: we train hard for the season and then once it hits we just want to focus on the fun.

Maintaining a couple of short workouts per week that include some glut and core strengthening and balance work will keep your body fit and balanced for the entirety of the season.

Tip #3:

Include some rolling and stretching in your Apres-ski.

One of the biggest causes of patellofemoral knee pain that we see in our clients who are suddenly doing a lot of skiing is extreme tightness in the quadriceps(muscles at the front of your thigh), gluteals(buttocks/hips), hip flexors(think sitting and driving), and the fascia(connective tissue) of the lower back, hips and legs.

Spending some quality time with your foam roller and lacrosse ball after your ski day(even just 10 minutes!) and then running through a set of exercises to target these tight muscles and fascia can be key to keeping your knees happy and ready for the next big powder day.

Need help with putting together a set of strengthening and stretching exercises to target your problem areas or learning how to roll out your tight muscles?

Our team is here to help.

Consider booking with one of our Physiotherapists for an assessment. We would love to put together a program specific to you.

Wishing you a powder-filled, injury-free ski season!