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We believe that every body is meant to move and life is meant to be lived fully.

Our committed team of experienced therapists integrates physiotherapy, registered massage therapy and clinical pilates to help our clients connect with their bodies and get back to their lives pain-free and performing their best.

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Why Alaia?

The Alaia(pronounced: ah-LIE-ah) was a surfboard ridden in pre-20th century Hawaii. They had no ventral fins and the surfer had to rely on the sharp edges to hold the board in the face of the wave. The modern versions of these boards range from between 5 and 12 feet and require great skill to ride.

Our name and concept were an inspiration on the basic principles of surfing, a sport that teaches about balance, skill, and connection with oneself and the flow of life.

Our team is committed to helping you reconnect with your body and live at your best, whether your goal be surfing your next big wave, running a PB  in that marathon or walking the Camino after retirement.


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